Cold Rolled Flat Wire - Size Range : Steel flat wires are produced from various wire rod diameters in cold rolling technique with multiple rolling stands. Our company serves in this sector with its 3 high speed production lines.

Our production capacity is over 30,000 tones per year. Traverse coiled or cut to length production can be made. Intermediate dimensions also can be produced upon customer requests. Production tolerances are very tight due to our high technological control systems.

Thickness tolerances are +/- 0,03mm, width tolerances are +/- 0,05mm. Lower tolerances can be produced upon request.

Production ranges can be seen below. Customers’ requested coil dimensions and weights can be in between as below;
Coil Inside Diameter : 400 mm.
Coil Outer Diameter : 800 mm. - 1250 mm.
Coil Weight : 750 kg. - 2000 kg.
Coil Width
: 300 mm. - 500 mm.
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